Trail Cam Bigfoot or Ghili-Suited Beard Man?

This video shows a hunched, patchy looking figure strolling across the site-line of a trail camera. The gate of the subject appears a little “boundy” and disappears very fast. It is visible for about 2 seconds. I made a GIF of this “trail cam Bigfoot” here, cutting out the remaining 3 minutes 58 seconds of the 4 minute video:

The Youtube channel NVTV posted this overenthusiastic trail cam video recently. While not among the most compelling clips ever, they seem confident this entry is, of course, earth shattering. Their title proclaims:


(What’s with these god awful click bait titles? WE FOUND IT!!! BIGFOOT LIVES!!! AHHH CLICK HERE CLICK HERE!!!! Ugh. I’d love to see a click volume test comparing all caps to no caps at least. Do people need to be be shouted at on Youtube to watch a Bigfoot video?)

Here’s a slowed down version:

Do trail cams actually record video this smooth? I know we only catch the subject here in mid-stride, but we can see some clear insect buzzing around the frame. I feel like typical trail cam videos snap far fewer frames per second.

All in all, this trail cam Bigfoot most definitely looks like a bearded Ghili-suiter. I am no Dr. Jeffrey Medlrum, locomotion expert, but, personally, the bound feels exaggerated. If this walk-across wasn’t already planned in advance, I would say a camouflaged woodsman noticed the perched camera and decided to have a little fun pretending to be Sasquatch.

The shape of the subject looks a little too rounded and uniform as well. There isn’t much definition; but, then again, these things are apparently very bulky and pear-shaped.

Just for reference, here’s a Ghili suit picture. I included one of the Duck Dynasty beardoids in his hunting attire for proper visualization:

Interesting video though. While it won’t be filed anywhere near the ‘best of’ folder, I like to analyze these for fun every so often.

These Ghili suits are actually pretty freaky too. If someone appeared from the bush in one of those on some random dark night, it would probably scare the crap out of me. Maybe we don’t put enough stock into hunter misidentification? Maybe some of these hunters paint their faces up black and don’t readily reveal themselves to people?

Very possible.

– AJ


  1. Jerry Taylor

    Poachers certainly dress up in camouflage and face paint and don’t wear orange safety colors!

  2. Chad

    I’d love to see a human walk through the same path for a height and size comparison Is there any way this can be accomplished? Also, I have a few more questions if you don’t mind getting them in touch with me?


  3. William Burke

    Seeing as how Bigfoots avoid trail cams like the plague, I have to say hunter. Does it look to anyone else like he’s wearing some sort of mask? There is an impression of a vertical line in front of the ear.


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