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Patterson-Gimlin Film Turns 50!

patterson gimlin film 50 years

WOW! The image easily most synonymous with “Sasquatch” was recorded exactly 50 years ago. Real or not, cheers to you ‘Patty’, Roger Patterson, and Bob Gimlin! And let’s not forget the horses people! They saw the damn thing too. Without this footage, Bigfoot would be thought of as something completely different. Think about it, how…
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Texas Town Holds Bigfoot Hunting Tour


How would you enjoy an ideal Saturday? Spending time with family? Relaxing in the backyard? Searching for Bigfoot? If that last option sounds most appealing, you should consider a move to the southwest. In Round Rock, Texas, the Parks and Recreation department recently held a rather unusual public event: a “Find Bigfoot” tour. A recent…
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