The 14 Most Compelling Bigfoot Videos

independence-day-bigfoot video-large-baby

It is tempting to just vomit every halfway-believable Bigfoot video on Youtube into this list, but I will spare you dozens of two-second jerky camera-shots that are more infuriating than intriguing. With all the blurry blobs in the pixel’d distance, evaluating Bigfoot evidence often feels like trying to understand modern art. Sometimes there’s just nothing there.

So here you go. I separated these into four tiers. I also didn’t include thermal footage, due to lack of daylight. And I will mention that these fourteen made the rank, despite ALL featuring varying amounts of possible fabrication. Proceed with caution.

Tier IV: Bigfooting from a distance
Tier III: Juuust far enough away Bigfoot videos
Tier II: The too-good-to-be-true high-resolution clips of suspicious origin
Tier I: The best Bigfoot video of all time


14. Mission BC Clip

LOCATION: Mission, British Colombia
YEAR: 2012

A couple filmed this distant biped on a hike in British Columbia. The subject appears tall, covered in hair, and moves erratically. All very compelling details…

I would love to know the approximate distance and general location of this video. If hoaxed, I would find it to be an enormous waste of time and a pain-in-the-ass to separate from friends, hike all the way down to that hilltop, and act like a Bigfoot for 12 seconds.

As you will notice, just about every Bigfoot video exists in a world free of context. No one knows what happened before or after. Most of the time we don’t even know who actually filmed the video! This is a good example of simple visual intrigue. Maybe they really did stumble upon this creature out in the middle of nowhere. This is the kind of situation that I know every one of you have thought about on hikes through similar terrain: picking out a creature in the distance and coming out with a worthy piece of Bigfoot evidence.

13. The Alberta Family Clip

LOCATION: Alberta, Canada
YEAR: 2014

“That is definitely not a human. That is not a human AT ALL.”

Did Dad make her say that? Perhaps. But, I will say that the subject in this video appears VERY wide. This is one of the times where I desperately wish we could see the original-original video clip. A few more pixels would really help out here. We’re on the cusp of some fantastic physiological details.

What do you think?

12. Provo Canyon Clip

LOCATION: Provo Canyon, UT
YEAR: 2012

I’m not a Provo-canyon fanboy as much as some of the other Bigfooters out there, but I must include this video. The witness known only as “Beard Card” filmed this super-wide black creature on the side of a ravine while camping. He believed it to be a large black bear and watched it for some time before it stood up on the ravine hillside:

“We had actually been standing there for awhile. We had thought it was a bear up to that point but when it stood up and looked at us it was just massive animal. We don’t know what it was. I mean none of us really believe in Bigfoot but we’ve talked about it over and over again since then. It happened on Monday and all of us are positive that thing wasn’t a bear.” ¹

– Beard Card 2012

11. Russian Kids Film a Yeti

LOCATION: Russko-Ursky, Russia
YEAR: 2013

The video begins with a long line of very deep, very wide indentations in the snow, which appears roughly two feet deep. The kids follow it, because, no joke, this would be THE MOST AMAZING DISCOVERY OF ALL TIME if you were 10 years old. I can’t imagine how pumped they were for this. I also can’t imagine how freaked out they were when they found what made the tracks…

The distant subject in the trees is actually a bit creepy. It appears to stare at the children, leaning heavily to one side. After a few stare-down moments, it bursts into a wild run and the kids flee. The way it moved felt very natural and animalistic.

10. The Polish Yeti Video

LOCATION: Tatra Mountains, Southern Poland
YEAR: 2009

Filmed on the side of a mountain in Poland, this impressive video taken by mountain climber Piotr Kowalski appears to show at least two Sasquatch or Yeti. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a compelling Bigfoot video showing more than one mature creature. Piotr was understandably shook by the event:

“I saw this huge apelike form hiding behind the rocks. When I saw it, it was like being struck with a thunderbolt. Coming from Warsaw, I never really believed the local stories of a wild mountain ape-man roaming the slopes. But, now I do.” ²

I love this video. I believe that if real, there are different physiological attributes of these creatures based on their location throughout the world. These appear very lithe with raised shoulders and a nestled head. How their slimmer body type relates to mountain-dwelling, I do not know. I will say that this appearance perfectly fits decades worth of Yeti descriptions.


9. The Freeman Footage

YEAR: 1995

“Oh there he goes!”

What a classic line.

The Freeman Footage used to win the Silver Medal in Bigfoot video evidence, a great distance behind the Patterson/Gimlin Gold Medal footage. Several contemporary videos have edged it out, but it still features a ton of exciting details. Freeman gets a decent look at one (of the presumed two Bigfoot) walking straight across the frame.

I feel like there’s a noticeable smattering of shitty Freeman replica videos out there now. Many seem to show the very similar head-down, heavy, reaching step seen here. Who knows, though? Maybe that’s actually how they walk, but I like to think that Sasquatch move with more pronounced grace.

As Mike Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High would say, “You don’t just walk in… You mooooove across the room.”

8. The Prince Edward Island Quadrapedal Clip

LOCATION: Prince Edward Island, Canada
YEAR: 2001

The videographer, Nathan Wiley, was filming an unrelated short movie with friends. The shot they needed required the actor to run out of the woods as if being chased. Almost in a playful manner, the huge black humanoid darts across the shot opposite of the actor. Wiley, who grew up on Prince Edward Island, was shocked:

“All I know is, it looks huge, black and furry and seems to start out running on all fours and then proceed at the end to get up on it’s back legs and run. There aren’t any bears on the island either so we have no idea what is it.”³

If you ask me, the Prince Edward Island clip doesn’t actually appear to show a four-limbed run as the popular description often displays. Instead it look like the subject makes short leaps and digs it’s arms back-and-forth to propel forward while maintaining balance.

Very very compelling…

7. The Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape Footage

LOCATION: Lettuce Lake Park, Florida
YEAR: 2015

The Lettuce Lake footage is one of my favorites from the last few years. Matt McKamey and a friend canoed through a swampy region of Lettuce Lake, Florida coming upon a very lithe, tall, black shape in the distance. In the video the shadowy humanoid appears to drag its hands in the water, dismount the log, and bound through the muck out of site.

A few things stand out to me about this great slice of southern Bigfoot evidence.

– The subject looks extremely tall
– It moves with finesse through the water
– It features a unique nestled, cone-head (see Tatra Mountain clip)

Not to mention that I’m sure those swampy waters, as McKamey put it, are “infested” with cottonmouth snakes and gators. A hoaxer willing to battle the beasts of Florida on their own turf deserves a serious A+ for effort.

6. The “I Think I Saw a Skunk Ape, Please Help” Video

LOCATION: Tunica, Mississippi
YEAR: 2013

We love to see more than your typical ‘walk across the field’ shots. Anytime a unique trait shows up on video, we all kind of lose our minds. For this clip, the chorus sounds, “OH MY GOD! FORAGING!!!” It always reminds me of Dr. Grant observing flesh-and-blood dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park, “They’re moving in herds…. They DO move in herds.”

So this is a great Bigfoot video though. I love it. I might even say it’s beautiful in a weird little way: Skunk Ape digging for grubs at the base of a cyprus tree in a Mississippi swamp at twilight. Ahh, I love the south.

One more thing. I’m glad I now have a forum to sound off on these annoying nuances I continuously see in Bigfoot videos. I hate the “now it’s about to get real” stand-up/run away sequence at the end of many of these. It feels so cliche, right? In this case, if real, I guess that would freak me out. Why would you think the thing even knew you were there? It’s not going to ‘dramatic chipmunk’ you and take chase. At least film a couple more seconds. And your terrified sprint definitely DIDN’T give you away.

So either legitimate Gorilla-like Skunk Ape or dude-in-black-hoodie-wearing-backpack, this Bigfoot video firmly sits in the top 5.


5. The ‘Big Red’ Footage

LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
YEAR: 2013

In this clip the video-man, known only as ‘TimberGiantBigfoot’, alludes to discovering a Bigfoot shelter site somewhere in Ontario. He returns later with camera to perform wood knocks, hoping to contact the potential Sasquatch. As he shuffles through the forest distant rock smacking rings out subtly. He zooms his camera through a tangle of trees eventually landing on a large, red-haired conical head.

There is a small club of very controversial “Bigfoot videographers” on Youtube. This TimberGiantBigfoot mingles in that little party. He appears to get a lot of heat in video comment sections, but what can you honestly expect in this weird corner of Youtube.

This video receives a lot of criticism, and I agree there are issues. I can’t say what any given person would say to themselves as they film a Bigfoot for ten minutes in the Canadian Wilderness, but I admit his dialogue feels insistent. He continuously chimes in with “you won’t believe it” details that presumably try to lull the watcher into believing that much harder, like “It sure stinks back here. Like urine.” and “The stone is even warm. This is what it was smashing with.” There is also a loose rendition of a now very popular Sasquatch ‘tree structure’ conveniently at the spot.

But hey, if legitimate, this is amazing, right? I’ve picked it apart enough. I do think this is a fine Bigfoot video with many intriguing details. Afterall, I like it to post it this high in the list. High resolution scores mega points, regardless of the character behind the camera. If TimberGiantBigfoot does encounter these creatures regularly, just keep on shootin’ buddy.

4. Sasquatch Looking Through Window

YEAR: 2015

From the original uploader:

“Every year the fruit just seemed to disappear overnight off my apple pear trees. Also the birdseed used to vanish without a trace. I thought it was raccoon or something and so I set up a camera. This is what was caught on camera. You can make up your own mind as to what it is.”

Perhaps the creepiest entry to this list, the window-peeking video deserves a lot of attention. While still relatively new, this clip really excited the Bigfoot world when it was published sometime in 2015.

Haven’t we all kind of imagined this situation sitting in a bright room at night with the window wide open? That black square is always unnerving. Everything out there in the oblivion can see in, but you can’t see a damn thing out. But then you slightly make out what could be prowling through that darkness. Piece by piece, a massive, hairy figure, with beaming, intelligent eyes materializes into view. Just when you comprehend the scope of this shape, it is gone.



3. The Harley Hoffman Footage

LOCATION: British Columbia, Canada
YEAR: 2001

I am hesitant to put this at #3, just because of the guy behind the video. This might be the most mysterious clip of the lot. Who is Harley Hoffman? And who the hell is Hutch Hoffman, his ‘twin brother’? Hutch created a full blown documentary about his hunt for evidence of SANTA CLAUS. In fact, in one of his YouTube videos, Hutch notes that Harley is famous for filming this Bigfoot clip. Seems like an odd thing to say considering very few people have even seen this video…

Why does the clip cut off so fast? And what does the interview with ‘Harley’ have to do with it at the beginning?

But you know what? I’m throwing my hat out the window on this one. I really like the clip.

If this is hoaxed as some weird promo for his/their Santa Claus documentary (if you haven’t picked up yet, I am very skeptical of the fact that he actually has a brother), then I admit… you got me. You win. This video is fantastic and offers an amazing amount of detail as the ‘subject’ appears to walk up a hillside at VERY close range. The peanut gallery consensus (Youtube/Crypto Message board forums) is that the detail level rivals Patterson/Gimlin and the footage is authentic.

Is this legit Bigfoot evidence, or just a promotional video? What do you think?

2. Independence Day Footage

YEAR: 2010

The ‘Independence Day’ footage is truly compelling. We have our first clear-ish look at, presumably, a baby Bigfoot. The clarity shown in this short 2 minutes is simply refreshing. It begins with a cone-headed, black creature emerging from behind a large boulder. The figure appears skiddish and even paranoid- constantly looking over it’s shoulder until it returns to frame holding what appears to be a child in its arms. It shuffles away into the boulder field.

Another clip-of-unknown-origin. All we know about this video is that it was apparently filmed on Independence Day (which is such bullshit because I see NO fireworks anywhere in the video) and for some reason this guy Leroy Blevins, who at one time was known to be working on a Patterson/Gimlin replica, might be involved. This is what I mean when I say I’d rather not get into the weeds on the people involved in these videos. The background and aftermath of the Patterson/Gimlin encounter is convoluted to death, and modern encounters are becoming even worse. Unfortunately this is the nature of a Bigfoot video on the internet. I could write here and now that JJ Abrams did the CGI on this clip and that would become total fact to hundreds of people by next week.

But anyways, this is a fantastic piece of Bigfoot evidence if authentic. We get our clearest face shot since Patterson/Gimlin and a little nino thrown in. The babe even appears to push away from the parent at the end. THIS is a good video!


1. Patterson/Gimlin Film

LOCATION: Bluff Creek CA
YEAR: 1967

“Is there no one else!?” – Brad Pitt from Troy

That line kept shooting through my head as I ranked these. Really, there is nothing else that comes close to the Patterson/Gimlin footage. Can you believe that we are STILL talking about it? Can you believe that NO ONE has proved it fake? FIFTY years later, folks. Nowadays, we have high-powered, crystal clear cameras in our pockets at all times. Obviously, handheld cameras only became more popular beyond 1967 and, still, year-after-year the Patterson/Gimlin film still sits firmly atop Mount Evidence.

In October of 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, two former rodeo riders, entered the Six Rivers National Forest in California . The men traveled 25 miles southwest of Orleans, CA on horseback following Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River. They rounded a turn in the creek bed past a large upturned tree. Just past the tree’s significant root structure, the men discovered the 6’5″ – 7’5″ reddish, brownish, silver-streaked beast.

The horses reared. Patterson dismounted and retrieved his camera. Shakily approaching the creature, he filmed 59 seconds as it walked across the creek bed towards the tree line with a look of ‘contempt’ and ‘disgust’ on its face.

Several books are completely dedicated to the events surrounding this footage. Controversy envelopes it like none other. Beyond Patterson and Gimlin, there are many more colorful characters to consider in this tangled tale. I am surprised a feature full length film has not been created. With the eccentric lineup of competing Bigfooters, a Wes Anderson production feels appropriate.

And also, wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic to see the Hollywood FX masters attempt to recreate ‘Patty?’ Who knows, we could actually strengthen the validity of the footage if the digital effects crew struggles to replicate the creature.

So there you have it! Most of this Bigfoot evidence is fairly recent, so that’s a great sign. The rising frequency of compelling footage really excites me. Don’t forget, though. It doesn’t matter how amazing your video turns out. If you really observe a Sasquatch, only physical, scientific evidence will get us somewhere. Go cast that track. Look for hair. These clips rock and keep our chin’s up through this fantastic yet elusive paranormal safari of life, but just remember it’s going to take much more. You will need to satisfy scientific scrutiny and prove to the world that you didn’t just film hairy uncle Rick looking for a place to piss in the woods.

— AJ


¹ “VIDEO: A Bigfoot Sighting in Provo Canyon?” Fox 13, 05 Nov. 2012. Web.

² Redfern, Nicholas. “Polish Bigfoot Film Footage.” The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates. N.p.: Visible Ink, 2016. 235. Print.

³ “Prince Edward Island Video.”, n.d. Web.


  1. SackScratch

    I use to live next door to Leroy Blevins, he loved to hang dummies from trees and make props to scare the neighborhood kids, I got lots of it on video… could be his wife in that ape suit holding one of her 10 kids in a baby ape suit!

  2. margo

    I agree with the other commenter who said the independence day footage is a costume. Look at how saggy the butt part is, compared to the Patterson film. Patterson’s is legit, though.

  3. Sharyl Friend Pavlisko

    Fantastic List of videos!
    I love ALL of them!
    Even the tiresome Patterson/Gimlin footage!
    Of which, I do believe is the real deal!
    Loved this!

    Great job!

  4. Tim Stevens

    The Independence Day footage is costume bigfoot BS.

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