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I never really believed in “Bigfoot” until a few years ago. I was vexed as a kid by the thought (as many are) but always dismissed the idea that monstrous beings run around in the woods. But then one day you’re sittin’ around drinkin’ some coffee and you start to think about the practical possibilities. You think about a modest population of large, supremely intelligent apes/feral humans/human hybrids surviving for centuries in the remote corners of our world. You think about things like migration patterns, breeding populations, language, coordinated hunting, and intentional camouflage. I’m talking about intelligence, awareness, and the innate need to not be found: the knowledge that stealth and concealment equal preservation of species. Ok, these things seem possible…

And then there’s evidence. I listen to interviews and hear grown men crying as they recount their terrifying encounters. I hear about missing children and seniors in National Parks. I hear recordings of a garbled language and see photos of massive footprints in remote areas. I look at First Nations people’s masks of the d’Sonoqua. I even look at government incentive to keep these things from discovery. Fakery or not, there’s just too much here to ignore…

That’s where Bigfoot Base comes in.

Bigfoot Base provides news and reliable information about these creatures around the globe. This cryptid phenomena is truly not limited to the Pacific Northwest. From the swamps of Florida to the forests of China, centuries-worth of anecdotal, anthropological, and physical evidence have made me as much of a believer as you can be without actually seeing one.

The Bigfoot Base front page provides a steady stream of Bigfoot-related current events, historical encounters, sightings from all over the world, fun insight, scientific advancements, and pop-culture material.

People see giants and find massive footprints in remote places. Even if 99% of sightings and footprints discovered were faked or misidentified, there still leaves that sliver of truth. As Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne puts it, “if we’re not seeing an unknown, unclassified hominid primate, then we’re looking at something else: what we are looking at then is a man in a fur suit, and he’s been doing it for 200 years, perhaps part of some secret society and they jump out on the road and go ‘boo’ to people in the dark….It’s just not very plausible, it doesn’t add up.”


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