Bigfoot Evidence

Beyond anecdotal accounts, Bigfoot evidence in the form of physical footprint casts, photos, videos, sound, scat, and hair samples are relatively new compared to the deep-rooted history of Native American sightings of Bigfoot. We now even have the ability to evaluate evidence at a molecular level, via DNA evidence.

The Bigfoot Base front page brings especially compelling Bigfoot evidence to the examination table. Let’s be honest, most videos are total crud. Most photos make me sick with the desperate insistence of a Bigfoot face hidden in pixelated tree branches. I HOPE to sort through the shit with this category. Wish me luck!

The ‘Sierra Sounds’ : Our Most Impressive Evidence for Bigfoot?


The ‘Sierra Sounds’ are a collection of bizarre vocalizations many believe to be actual recordings of Sasquatch. Recorded over the course of several years in an unknown, remote deer-hunters camp between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, the ‘Sierra Sounds’ collection is an essential pillar of not only Bigfoot sound evidence, but for ‘proof’ of…
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These Are What Bigfoot Screams Sound Like


Are these haunting sounds really Bigfoot screams? Animals make bizarre sounds in the night. Often the origin is clear. But sometimes the shrieking is just too incredibly unsettling to ignore. Read on for our best audio evidence of Sasquatch screams. Note, it’s difficult to determine the authenticity of a true ‘Bigfoot Scream’, since there are…
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The 14 Most Compelling Bigfoot Videos


It is tempting to just vomit every halfway-believable Bigfoot video on Youtube into this list, but I will spare you dozens of two-second jerky camera-shots that are more infuriating than intriguing. With all the blurry blobs in the pixel’d distance, evaluating Bigfoot evidence often feels like trying to understand modern art. Sometimes there’s just nothing…
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Bigfoot Sounds

Bigfoot sounds are some of the most bizarre, yet intriguing elements of this field. If you find yourself out in the wilderness late at night, pay no attention to the bellows of Finding Bigfoot‘s Bobo. Instead keep your ears peeled for rapid pitch shifting screams or a hectic conversation in the treeline that sounds like…
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