What is ‘Matilda’ the Sleeping Bigfoot?

matilda sleeping bigfoot face

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In 2013, Dr. Melba Ketchum, a Texas veterinarian published a controversial report detailing the existence of a new indigenous peoples: Sasquatch. Ketchum led a multi-year study to sequence nuclear genomes of these elusive creatures. Her team tested over 100 pieces of perceived Bigfoot hair, ultimately finding that several samples originated from an unknown hominid species. In Ketchum’s report “Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies”, she claimed that Sasquatch are hybrids of Homo sapiens combined with an undetermined primate. Whether or not you believe in this study, an odd video surfaced alongside the official release.

Upon release, Ketchum paired with Bigfoot researcher Adrian Erickson to provide the public a double dose of strange: the comprehensive Bigfoot DNA study paired with a 30 second ‘teaser’ clip of a sleeping Bigfoot named ‘Matilda’. The creature in the video is “donor 37” from Ketchum’s 100 samples. Both can be yours for only $29.99!! Seriously, buy the full study here.

Given the surrounding circumstances I truly doubt this piece of ‘evidence’, but Finding Bigfoot front-man Matt Moneymaker vouches for it’s authenticity. There were supposedly even TWO sleeping Bigfoot on display in the full-length clip. At some point in the video, the creatures even rose to their feet and shuffled creepily around the researchers. When asked if Matilda is real, Moneymaker replied on Twitter, “Yes Matilda is real. There were 2 BFs there – an adult female and a juvenile female. The sleeping one was the adult female.”

And by popular demand, a new piece of the video surfaced: this time of the face:

Multi-millionaire BFRO-backer Wally Hersom and Moneymaker were granted exclusive access to view the full footage. In the video, Hersom observed “fangs” and a “black tongue” as the creature approached the camera. The creature appeared shifty and feral with darting eyes, displaying a “paranoid and aggressive” demeanor. A more detailed list of features, via Bigfootevidence.blogspot.com:

“Others who have seen the footage say it’s much more detailed than the Patterson-Gimlin film. On the full facial close-up shot, one witness described:

  • Nose similar to ours (but with larger nostrils)
  • Slightly chapped, rosy lips
  • Pink mouth, blackish tongue
  • Pointed teeth, like fangs
  • Deep set eyes that dart around and don’t blink
  • Her head is round, shaped more like ours than a gorilla’s, but her brow is much more prominent
  • She has lots of fine, flowing hair on her head (dark reddish brown) and soft short hair on her face
  • When she walks away, she moves just like the female in the Patterson Film”

How was the Sleeping Bigfoot footage obtained?

Bigfootevidence.blogspot.com sat down with Hersom in October 2012 to discuss the events that led to the bizarre video:

“Supposedly word got out that there were two Bigfoot researchers, Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh, a biologist, who has a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology, from Princeton University, and Dennis Pfohl, a researcher from Colorado, had successfully baited a family of Bigfoots and filmed them for hours. The researchers, hired by the Erickson Project, obtained various videos of Bigfoot from different habituation sites such as Maple Ridge, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. According to sources, Dr. Leila has seen the Bigfoots many times with her own eyes but only speaks out it privately. They have shot enough video of these creatures and are convinced that what they saw were real Bigfoots.”


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