New York State Bigfoot Documentary Set to Premiere in April

Bigfoot sightings Beast of Whitehall

‘Small Town Monsters’ documents the beast of Abair Road (1976)

Small town legends live forever. Especially those with Bigfoot sightings. Many of these legends haunt the communities long enough and pervasively enough to even garner their own feature film. Such is the case in Whitehall New York where a string of bizarre Bigfoot sightings almost 40 years ago inspired an independent documentary: The Beast of Whitehall.
Directed by Seth Breedlove, The Beast of Whitehall analyzes a flaring of up-state New York Bigfoot sightings in 1976. Since this swell of Adirondack encounters, Bigfoot sightings around Whitehall persist to this very day. Whitehall is called “The Bigfoot Capitol of the East Coast” by many.

What exactly happened in 1976?

A press release for the film:

“August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated stretch of road somewhere in the Adirondacks of upstate New York have a brush with a bizarre creature. Standing over 7 feet tall and covered in hair, they referred to it as a ‘beast.’ Hours later, Abair Road was crawling with local and state police. Many of them recounted seeing the creature as well.
As the weeks and months passed, more individuals came forward with their own sightings. The Abair incident became the impetus for a rash of sightings around the town of Whitehall that continue to this day. Today, Whitehall is frequently referred to as the Bigfoot Capitol of the East Coast.”

Who Made this Movie?

The Beast of Whitehall is the second film in a series of documentaries from production company ‘Small Town Monsters.’ The team’s previous release Minerva Monster, about a large bipedal creature menacing a family in Eastern Ohio, received positive reviews. Their next production will reportedly cover the infamous Foulke Monster from Foulke Arkansas, inspiration for the cult-classic Legend of Boggy Creek. Keep your eyes peeled for that production. Swamp Ape stories are particularly compelling.

Directed by Seth Breedlove and produced/composed by Brandon Dalo, the trailer for the Beast of Whitehall looks fantastic and quite spooky. I’m looking forward to checking out the final product:

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