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Bigfoot Base Olympic Mountains

Lake Crescent, Olympic Mountains WA

If you have a bucket list item involving a Bigfoot encounter, look no further than the Washington-based Olympic Project. The premier Pacific-northwest Bigfoot evidence and research coalition, the Olympic Project offers multi-night Sasquatch research trips. In their own words, the goal of the project is to “obtain as much information and empirical evidence as we can” in anticipation of the species ultimate reveal.

There are many Bigfoot evidence collection and research groups across the country. The Olympic Project finds its unique footing as a science-first association. Perhaps the most thorough Washington-state research group, the Olympic Project stresses empirical proof and intelligent evaluation of Bigfoot evidence. They collect relevant findings and show them to those interested. According to their website, from that point “It is up to those interested, to draw their own conclusions.”

What are the expeditions like?

These ecologically entrenched Bigfoot expeditions take place over several nights. From Thursday to Sunday, Olympic Project team leaders guide a small group of Bigfoot enthusiasts deep into the Olympic Mountains of Washington. Guest-speakers and field researchers instruct sign-ups on the proper, scientific ways to analyze and log Bigfoot evidence on the scene. CSI: Sasquatch, anyone?

Derek Randle Olympic Project Bigfoot Base

Derek Randles, Co-Founder/Investigations ©2014

Derek Randles, co-founder of the Olympic Project, stresses research participation for his sign-ups. While he wants to deliver a fun, enlightening experience rooted in scientific principles, Randles is determined to involve participants in real study: casting prints, setting game cameras, observing ecological disturbances, and collecting samples. Everyone is a scientist, even in the Bigfoot world. I won’t lie, this sounds fun.

The Olympic Project even provides boys and girls the opportunity to track evidence and log Bigfoot activity. Similar to a scouting program, Olympic Project Junior teaches kids the proper way to track and gather evidence. Bigfoot or not, the program sounds like a fantastic way to provide youth with general biology and wilderness skills.

Even if your group doesn’t come across substantial Bigfoot evidence, a huge perk of the Olympic Project is the organization’s impressive lineup of guest speakers. They offer a commendable list of revered Bigfoot personalities, including Bob Gimlin (of the Patterson/Gimlin film), Ron Morehead (of the Sierra Sounds), foot morphology and primate locomotion expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman. Survivorman Les Stroud has also appeared at certain events.

Are Bigfoot tours available in other parts of the country?

Bigfoot evidence expeditions are available throughout the country. Unfortunately, most lack the scientific grounding of the Olympic Project. Many are paired with regional ghost tours and display the scientific legitimacy of a road-side attraction. Some border on cruelty. Read this snippet (hopefully fake) describing “the hunting experience of a lifetime” in Michigan:

Just imagine experiencing your own Bigfoot sighting… then shooting him, a GENUINE 900 pound trophy Sasquatch!–that’s an animal ten feet tall with a 19-inch foot!

I’m fairly certain that’s fake. But, beyond the redneck, “Mountain Monster” theme trips are many legitimate options in different regions of the United States for respectful observation and evidence gathering. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) offers trips throughout many states and Canada.

Is it actually safe to hunt Bigfoot?

The more I read about these Bigfoot expeditions, the more I feel like they’re ripe for carnage. Granted, ninety-nine percent of outings will end up being nothing more than a fun Bigfoot-themed backpacking trip, I predict something terrible will eventually happen. There’s too many dark tales of violent Bigfoot encounters and abductions out there. An apex predator can only be bothered so many times I believe.

Though, if the Olympic Project field guides routinely stomp through the same areas, it’s likely the species, if living nearby, has a level of comfort with their human trespassers. Only Olympic Project officials know. Appearing to be rational, practical-folk, I’m sure they take great care. Happy hunting.

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