Sasquatch Stars in Oregon Public Service Announcement

sasquatch oregon psa crosswalks

I learned a few things today. NBC has a monopoly on all 6,755 hours of the Olympics. Always wear protective glasses when you’re sawing a tree branch directly above your face. And in Oregon every intersection is a crosswalk.

This spot made the national rounds recently, boosted by the popularity of dear old Sasquatch. It’s actually pretty funny. An unsure Bigfoot almost gets hit crossing the road. Grandma shows up to let him know that he’ll be ok because “In Oregon, every intersection is a crosswalk”, shoots him a seductive glance and they walk off into the sunset. With the jazzy beat and surreal quality, I am definitely reminded of Twin Peaks! Very cool.

No doubt, this commercial will help folks up in the OR to keep their eyes open at more intersections. You know, there need to be more PSAs about the mundane machinations of daily life. I don’t know about you, but I have a list of societal blunders that really annoy me. Widely broadcast spots like this would do wonders for these faux pas’s:

  1. People grouping together walking slowly down the sidewalk
  2. Drivers shooting from lane to lane with no turn signal on the highway
  3. People scoffing at the mere thought Bigfoot could exist

That third one really bugs me.

But anyway, way off point. Here’s the commercial:

— AJ

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