10 Essential Bigfoot Hats for Squatch Lovers

If you’re a fan of Bigfoot, you want your clothes to show it. These Bigfoot hats may vary in color, size, and design, but they all share one essential quality: they let the world know you’re a believer.

Some are perfect for blocking out the sun during your next big Sasquatch hunt. Others are casual, giving you something a little unique to wear as you kick back with your fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts. Others are just great, durable Bigfoot hats for everyday use.

Whether you’re a dedicated Bigfoot hunter or just someone with an interest in cryptozoology, these caps make will make unique, useful additions to your wardrobe. After all, you don’t always need to take yourself too seriously when seeking out a legendary beast. A Bigfoot hat lets you stay comfortable while also having some fun. Get one for yourself, and any other Bigfoot fan you know.

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bigfoot hat gone squatchin bobo

10. Trucker Hat from Gone Squatchin

A Bigfoot hat with a blue collar attitude. This trucker-style hat is the perfect way to tell the world you spend your free time in search of the elusive creature. It’s custom-made with high quality materials, making it more than a novelty cap. This is the kind of durable hat you’ll get years of use out of.

Poly foam/mesh
Snapback style
Green/White color scheme


bigfoot hat distressed brown

9. Bigfoot Silhouette – Men’s Distressed Mesh Backed Hat from Black Lantern

Hunting for Bigfoot sure isn’t easy. This men’s distressed trucker hat makes that abundantly clear. Sporting the silhouette of the famed beast, it’s a Bigfoot hat for the kind of guy who’s not looking to make a big statement.

100% cotton front and panel visor, 100% nylon mesh back panel
Plastic tab back closure
Available in Brown/Tan and Grey/Tan color schemes


bigfoot hat orange bigfoot expert

8. Bigfoot Expert Trucker Hat from The Goozler

Do you know a thing or two about Sasquatch? Tell the world with this trucker-style Bigfoot hat. Thanks to its soft mesh sides, it offers optimal comfort, making it perfect for a Bigfoot hunt on a hot summer day.

100% polyester, foam front
Five panel and plastic tab adjuster
Available in Black/White, Orange/White, Pink/White, Blue/White, Red/White, and Red/White/Blue color schemes


Bigfoot hat moon silhouette

7. Soft Tech Bigfoot Trucker 5-Panel Hat from Headsweats

Want a Bigfoot hat that blocks out the sun during your ‘Squatch hunting trips? This machine wash cap features a distinctive illustration of the creature strutting through a rustic night setting, but it’s also useful to have on hand when the sun is out. Don’t let a little glare keep you from spotting a Sasquatch!

Eventure woven shell/Eventure terry sweatband/Eventure stretch sandwich mesh
One size fits most
Available in Black, with graphics


bigfoot hat black silhouette

6. Bigfoot Sasquatch Believe Men Women Unisex Snapback Hats Adjustable Peaked Caps from RICHTEH

Indulge your inner Fox Mulder with this “I Want To Believe” Bigfoot hat. The iconic phrase rests below a subtle graphic of the Sasquatch, letting those around you know you’re a firm believer in the beast.

100% cotton
One size fits most
Available in Black, Natural Tan, Navy Blue, Ash Gray, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, and White


bigfoot hat beach silhouette

5. Soft Tech 5 Panel Trucker Hat from Headsweats

Celebrate the beach and Bigfoot with this trucker hat that sports a graphic of the legendary Sasquatch enjoying a little fun in the sun. Ya’ll know Squatchin’ out is tiring. This hat reminds us that even monsters know how to take it easy from time to time.

Eventure woven shell, Eventure terry sweatband, Eventure stretch sandwich mesh
One size fits most
Available in Black with graphic


bigfoot hat mountains white silhouette trucker

4. Cotton Trucker Hat from Headsweats

A comfortable cotton trucker hat for anyone with an interest in Bigfoot. This series of caps gives Sasquatch enthusiasts a range of graphic styles from which to choose, making it easy to find the right one for the Bigfoot hunter in your life.

Eventure woven shell, Eventure terry sweatband, Eventure stretch sandwich mesh
One size fits most
Available in Gray, Black, and Blue/White varieties, with varying graphic choices


bigfoot hat denim silhouette blue

3. I Believe Men’s Great Baseball Cap Trucker Style Hat Casual Cap from MdiurDEds

Looking for a casual trucker cap that also celebrates your love of all things Sasquatch? This Bigfoot hat features a graphic of the monster’s iconic silhouette, with the words “I believe” repeating around it in a circle.

Cotton denim fabric
One size fits most, adjustable velcro tab
Available in Black, Navy Blue, Natural Tan, and Red


bigfoot hat retro 70s snapback trucker

2. Retro Vintage Unisex Adult Trucker Cap Hat from The Goozler

This Bigfoot hat has a retro vibe, showing a progression of Sasquatch silhouettes marching against a sunset graphic background. Believe it or not, Sasquatch was a pop culture icon during the free-wheelin’ decades of 60s and 70s psychedelia. This cap captures that nostalgic vibe.

100% polyester with foam front
Plastic Tab Adjuster
Available in Black, Green, Navy Blue, Neon Orange, White, and Red/White/Blue color scheme


yeti hat blue lore

1. The Lore Hat Foam Front Adjustable Snapback Cap from COAL

This super classy Bigfoot hat boasts a classic Navy blue color and a Patterson/Gimlin style Yeti. Show your love for the white ones with this unique item. Channel your inner abominable snowman and rock this icy cool cap: Big Yeti style.

100% Cotton
One size fits most, snap clore
Navy Blue


Bigfoot Hats: The Hottest New Trend Right Around the Corner?!

Bigfoot hunting isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. Even if you don’t go out searching for Sasquatch, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about the cryptid. You probably have Bigfoot books, you’ve probably seen Bigfoot movies, and no one would be too surprised if you also went as Bigfoot for Halloween once.

Embrace the lifestyle with a comfortable Bigfoot hat! They make great additions to your collection of Sasquatch memorabilia, and they offer protection from the elements if you do head out to the wilderness to try and catch a glimpse of the beast.

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