Bigfoot Humor

Bigfoot humor is very unique. It exists on the same comedic plane as alien humor, or el Chupacabra humor. Or even “Elvis-is-not-dead” conspiracy theory humor. Bigfoot Base loves to bring some of that quirky style and kitsch right to the front page.

Bigfoot Humor and Camp

The oddness surrounding the simple idea of Bigfoot grew this special culture of strange. In the mid 20th century Redneck farmers, backwoods imbeciles, and kooky conspiracy theorists cried Bigfoot at so many turns that the general public couldn’t help but laugh. Along with the iconic “grey alien” visage, Bigfoot humor surges via the immortal Patterson/Gimlin still frame 352, in which the subject “Patty” swings it’s arms and leers over the shoulder. This shot pervades our popular culture to this day, and influences thousands of jokes, memes, and videos. Where the culture surround other cryptids like Chupacabra stumbles, Bigfoot culture rises to the top with this iconic mascot. So if you are curious about Bigfoot on Mars, the Boston Yeti, or a brand new Bigfoot bar or coffee roast, you are in the right place. Bigfoot Base loves to acknowledge and expand upon this crucial pillar of Bigfootery.

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