Bigfoot Pictures

Supposedly, the oldest known picture of Bigfoot was taken in 1923 in Cobalt, Ontario (below). The subject, known as ‘Old Yellow Top’ – so named for a head full of blonde streaks, despite dark body hair– haunted the community of Cobalt from 1906 to 1970 (three sightings in 64 years). Truthfully, we don’t even know WHO took this picture and under what circumstances. As you can tell, it is next to impossible to determine the validity of this image, not to mention just about any Bigfoot picture ever snapped… or created.

It is easy to hoax a Bigfoot video. It is incredibly easy to hoax a Bigfoot picture. I hate to burst bubbles, but modern-day programs like Photoshop allow hoaxers to whip up a passable farce in about 10 minutes. Thankfully, many of them aren’t as sly as they think, as we can locate source images via Google in about 10 minutes ourselves. Be gone fakery!

But… I have to say. Despite all of that, there are actually some intriguing pictures floating throughout the cryptosphere (especially a few eyebrow-raisers from the mid-20th century). I have included a few of them here with Old Yellowtop:

The “Old Yellow Top” Photograph:

1923 photograph from Cobalt, Ontario

The Greenbrier AR Trailcam Picture

2008 trailcam image from the Greenbrier Hunting Club in Arkansas

The Wild Creek WA Photograph

1995 photograph taken by a forest patrol officer at Wild Creek in the Mt. Rainier Foothills, north of Ashford WA

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