Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot sightings have been collected and penned for hundreds of years. From the travels of Leif Erickson to President Teddy Roosevelt to the Survivorman Les Stroud, something dark and big has been seen and heard throughout the remote wilderness of Earth. On every continent except for Antarctica, people of all backgrounds admit seeing something tall, fast, hairy, dark, and broad-shouldered moving like a phantom through the wilderness. Bigfoot sightings occur in the mysterious, dark corners of the wild from country to country, state to state. In China it is called the Yeren. In Australia it is known as the Yowie. In Canada, it is known primarily as Sasquatch. But most people may know it, simply, as Bigfoot.

People are witnessing something out in the wild. I know hoaxing is probably a popular activity– there are people who devote their entire lives to ‘trolling’ — but what are the chances that every single sighting ever throughout the entire world was either hoaxed or a bear?

Sightings for Centuries

In North America, Bigfoot sightings were commonplace before the arrival of Europeans. These forest phantoms, whether you believe them to be man, beast, or myth; remain a strong piece of first nation’s culture. Different tribes across the modern United States maintain very different associations and identities for these creatures:

The Yakima and Klamath in the Pacific Northwest suggest these beings are a feral, cannibalistic mountain-dwelling tribe called ‘Stick Indians’ that whistle and lure wayward travelers to their doom. The Hoopa people believe in Ohmah, a race of giant, hairy, mostly-passive humanoids that live deep in the wilderness and speak a strange, but distinctly Native American dialect. And in the Southeastern United States, the Choctaw Indians have stories of violent, hairy, man-like beings called Shampes who live deep in the thickets and smell repulsive.

What was the oldest sighting of Bigfoot?

Oldest Bigfoot Sightings

Stories suggest the oldest sighting of Bigfoot occurred around 1000 AD when legendary Norseman Leif Ericksen and crew sailed along the eastern banks of Canada, somewhere around Newfoundland. Ericksen observed several tall, hairy, ghoulish-looking men with big black eyes that allegedly shrieked, howled and emitted an odor so terrible that the Norsemen could detect it from long range. Though a compelling story, these facts are disputable.

How many sightings of Bigfoot have there been?

Approximately 3,500 Bigfoot sightings were formally reported to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) between 1921 and 2015. The organization omits the vast majority of second-hand, third-hand, and suspiciously unsubstantial sources from their official tally and has investigated all modern encounters to verify credibility. In-reality there are thousands more Bigfoot sightings from credible witnesses. Typically, the fear of public ridicule, despite complete personal conviction, prevents many from submitting their encounters. *

What states have the most sightings?

As of November, 2015, the state of Washington has the most Bigfoot sightings (615 accounts). California has the second-most (431 accounts), and Florida yields the third-most (306 accounts). California and Washington top the list year after year.

[caption id="attachment_260" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Bigfoot Sightings Map Bigfoot sightings over the years, by Josh Stevens[/caption]



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