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Bigfoot articles flow through this category. Bigfoot Base provides premium analysis and evaluation of notable historical encounters, modern scientific advancements, and particularly compelling videos and images. I believe that there is rampant Bigfoot hoaxing and misidentification, but hidden in the twisted mess are strands of truth. My Bigfoot articles and insight grow from practical evaluation and critical thinking. There are no knee jerk reactions here.

Human Contamination

One must always ask a series of questions before committing to Bigfoot as the mysterious wood knocker or print maker. In my Bigfoot articles and insight category, the most important headline question is “Could a human have accomplished this?” Unfortunately, most situations simply scream “yes”, but there are incredibly odd circumstances surrounding MANY encounters and sightings. One must take a few honest looks at the giant hulk turning into the tree line. Or the incredibly tall, lithe figure confidently swimming through snaked infested swamp muck.

Bigfoot Articles and Insight into Historical Encounters

I love to take a modern look at historical encounters. Or at least present them on the front page and let readers determine just why this piece of evidence or encounter story has survived decade after decade. Most casual Bigfoot enthusiasts simply don’t know about Albert Ostman’s remarkably detailed ordeal with a family of odd beasts in 1924. What about the whole Cripplefoot tracks situation just two years after the Patterson/Gimlin film? Or Teddy Roosevelt’s second-hand story of a hunter’s fatal run-in with a particularly aggressive creature sometime in the mid-19th century.

I also like to point at recent splashes in the world of Sasquatch. Technology is here. It expands and fortifies month after month. We have high definition video and portable, high-resolution cameras in our pockets every minute of the day. With this surge comes much more Bigfoot evidence, whether good or bad.

I won’t say definitively that one person experienced a true “Sasquatch” encounter, but I will present the facts and allow the readers to decide!

A History of the De Loys’ Ape


Casual crypto-thusiasts know of Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, Yeti in the Himalayas, and even Skunk Apes in the southern United States. But buried beneath 100 years of bubbling North American large-ape stories is one old photograph from the Venezuelan jungle. This one picture and accompanying story have provoked endless scrutiny. It was even considered…
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Where Does Bigfoot Live Exactly?


In North America, reports of Bigfoot-like creatures come from all over: Mount St. Helens to North Carolina; Alaska to Arkansas and every state between… even Hawaii. Witnesses see them on every continent except for Antarctica. The true scale of this phenomenon is impressive to say the least. Little by little I believe in the idea…
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What is ‘Matilda’ the Sleeping Bigfoot?

matilda sleeping bigfoot face

In 2013, Dr. Melba Ketchum, a Texas veterinarian published a controversial report detailing the existence of a new indigenous peoples: Sasquatch. Ketchum led a multi-year study to sequence nuclear genomes of these elusive creatures. Her team tested over 100 pieces of perceived Bigfoot hair, ultimately finding that several samples originated from an unknown hominid species….
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Doctor Records over 100 Ozark Bigfoot Stories


After listening to hundreds of encounters, one thing seems certain: sprawling wilderness in any state could be inhabited by Sasquatch. Enough wild land not regularly visited by humans could house these creatures. The Ozark Mountains in the Southern United States are certainly no different. Dr. Emmett Reary; a Salem, Missouri chiropractor; knows these 50,000 square…
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‘Recasting’ the Infamous Cripplefoot Tracks of 1969

Rene Dahinden Cripplefoot Bigfoot Bossburg

Right beside the famed 1967 Patterson/Gimlin footage, many enthusiasts believe the other pillar of irrefutable Bigfoot evidence to be the 1969 Bossburg, Washington cripplefoot tracks. In this small community just south of the Canadian border, at least 1089 individual footprints were discovered by a enthusiastic team of Bigfoot hunters. On the surface these appetizing pieces…
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Bigfoot Evidence Expeditions Buzzing in Washington

Bigfootbase Olympic Project

If you have a bucket list item involving a Bigfoot encounter, look no further than the Washington-based Olympic Project. The premier Pacific-northwest Bigfoot evidence and research coalition, the Olympic Project offers multi-night Sasquatch research trips. In their own words, the goal of the project is to “obtain as much information and empirical evidence as we…
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