‘The Woodsmen’ Horror Short in Production

When it comes to Bigfoot movies, there have been plenty. The Woodsmen, a short film that began a Kickstarter platform recently , has a more ambitious air than your typical ScyFy production. As of this article, they have over $7,000 of a goal that’s $9,249 and with 16 days to go, it’s likely they’ll meet their goal and then some. Hell yea!

The Woodsmen is from Canadian creative team Five Year Plan, and the director is Victor Cooper, who has experience in the horror genre, directing and co-writing the 2014 short film Mercy, which received positive feedback. So it looks like this movie has a lot of potential. Wouldn’t you love to see Bigfoot claim a corner in the horror icon echelon?

For a low-budget film, its effects and quality look promising as well. It’s shot in 8K and the Bigfoot is created by The Butcher Shop, a Canadian special effects company that has had experience in quite a few horror films. It’s always cool to see practical effects in horror films as opposed to someone running from a CG Bigfoot, and the suit itself looks so good you could freeze it and make a convincing hoax.


Even though it’s likely this film is going to meet its Kickstarter goal, we still recommend pitching in a few dollars if you’re into horror films. The budget is $11,500, and despite its short length, that’s not a lot of money to make a film. A bit of extra money can help the creators make the best film about Sasquatch possible, so send them some love.

With any Kickstarter, they also have some cool rewards as well. You have your T-shirts and your name appearing on the credits, but for $150 CAD, which is $119 USD, you can get tickets for the film’s launch party. For $200 CAD ($158 USD), you can even be an extra. Not a bad price if you’re a Bigfoot enthusiast and want to be a part of Bigfoot film history.

We wish Five Year Plan good luck in making a film that make you think twice before taking a walk in the woods.

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