Merry Christmas, the Boston Yeti Lives

Boston Yeti Bigfoot sightings

Lock your doors, hide the kids, get our your shaky cameras: the Boston Yeti has returned to the streets. In other words, HELL has come to Somerville Mass.

Just kidding. Despite his Mothman-like foresight to only appear when the weather sucks, the mystery monster is a sign of optimism in the depressing winter months. Little Johnny doesn’t need to fear the lanky, white haired, cretin. He needs to smile and accept the Yeti into his heart. Why? Because we all need an extra laugh or two to help us slog through the snow every year.

From Down the Street He Came

The legend began 1 year ago…

Under 9 feet of snow, the Boston Yeti clawed on to the Somerville, Massachusetts streets. Despite his grotesque face, the creature prowled residential roads, shopping areas, and playgrounds, much to the excitment of the dreary, snow-lagged townsfolk. Rather than running him down in a pitchfork parade, the people grew to love the beast. In fact, you might say that in those terrible numbing, 9 hour days he WARMED their hearts. The Yeti even helped out the humans from time to time, digging out snow-buried cars and clearing sidewalks.

Hey, Yetis Gotta Work Too

Boston Yeti

The Boston Yeti apparently picked up an agent while resting in the off-winter months, because he managed to land a gig at a Cambridge movie theatre. On December 17th, he will be the special guest at the Brattle Theatre for a screening of the classic Rankin & Bass production of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The film features its own fan favorite Yeti: Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster of the North. Much like its Boston brethren, Bumble is a charming, annual delight for all humans.

The Boston Yeti will even field questions from the audience with assistance from the Canary Bros. Cryptid Research team Yeti translator. So have your dietary inquiries ready. Following the film, he will be available for a meet & greet and photos alongside his Yeti-speaking handler.

Keep up-to-date on all Boston Yeti activity by following his Twitter account @bostonyeti2015


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