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Bigfoot news! What’s going on in the world of Sasquatch? Bigfoot Base answers that question piece by piece on the front page.

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Are there any new Bigfoot movies coming out? How about documentaries or Bigfoot docudramas? What about a cryptid museum popping up in Georgia? Or a trending national-news article about the Sasquatch festival? Bigfoot Base brings all that cool, intriguing Sasquatch news right to the front page for you. Was channel 5 news on the scene in Loudonville Ohio for the string of Bigfoot sightings? I will find out and bring those top notch articles and media to the examination table, i.e. the Bigfoot Base front page. Stay tuned, travelers.

New York State Bigfoot Documentary Set to Premiere in April

Bigfootbase Beast of Whitehall

Small town legends live forever. Especially those with Bigfoot sightings. Many of these legends haunt the communities long enough and pervasively enough to even garner their own feature film. Such is the case in Whitehall New York where a string of bizarre Bigfoot sightings almost 40 years ago inspired an independent documentary: The Beast of…
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